Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Plein-Air Painting (in the living room)

Now that spring is finally (kinda) here, I'm painting with the window open in the living room.

It's great! Except for the fact that I haven't installed the screen in the window, so nosy bees keep popping in to buzz around me. But it's great to paint and feel a cool (not frigid) breeze on my shoulder. In the winter, I was doing this for shorter periods of time, bundled up with sweater, scarf and flannel pants.

Also, it's great for listening to the sounds of the street (when I'm not blasting music in my earphones). And for spying on passers-by and their conversations- BUT the mailman is pretty tall and has a booming voice, and the sounds of his phone conversations while he walks by sometimes startle me!  

And if I can hear people out there, they can probably hear me, which means I am less apt to uninhibitedly (is that a word?) sing along with my music like a crazy person... In my mind, I have a voice like Norah Jones, but I will not sing for the whole neighborhood... but I do sometimes forget that the window is open and sing anyway... What can i say? It it helps me relax.

... the living room at the end of the hallway...
... little front table overrun with necessities:
brushes, music, glue, tape, etc...
(yes, I still buy CDs)

I also make sure to close the sheer curtain when I need to get up for a dance break! Sometimes don't you need to just get up and DANCE?

You do. Trust me.

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