Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday Tablescape... Words "en Francais"

This week, I finally broke in my newest sketchbook.

When I visited France in July, I realized that I had forgotten some French... actually a bunch of French words and expressions. I decided to illustrate them in my sketchbook!
So here's a little French lesson (and forgive me for omitting the accents in my typed versions, I can't figure them out in this blog format):

"pasteque" = "watermelon"
- Found in summer salads, ice cream flavors, and of course, at the markets.

"menthe a l'eau" = "mint (syrup) with water"
- A popular drink that I forgot I loved! It's literally mint flavored syrup, mixed with water. The perfect treat on a blazing hot day in the south of France! I ordered it at every chance I got.

"fard a paupieres" = "eyeshadow"
- It was too hot to wear eyeshadow... would've melted off. I brought home some nice soaps, though! Which I've already used up :)

"ras-le-bol!" = "up to here!"
- Literally "up to the edge of the bowl" - like, my bowl is filled up, I've had enough! Very expressive. I love when emotions are verbally expressed with imagery. I guess that's just the Visual Learner in me.

"pecheur" = "fisherman" but also "sinner"!
- I wonder what's up with that one... does it have Biblical origins? How can fishing be the equivalent of sinning?

Shout out to the nice lady at Dubois art supply store in Paris for giving me two of the lovely purple markers I used in this illustration for free! I always love buying random art supplies in new places.


  1. I loved this post -- the sketches and words; wish I could draw like that, but since you can, I don't have to ;-) But here's a clarification from the French teacher that I once was:

    I can't make the accent marks either on this platform, but to clarify why the word "pecheur" seems to have two non-related meanings, "pecheur" with an accent "circonflex" on the first vowel means "fisherman" as you have indicated. With an "accent aigu" on the first vowel, it means "sinner." The derivations are two separate words.

    1. Ahhhh... I see.... it helps having a French Teacher Mommy! Thank you for the clarification! :)

  2. PS: I love your French cursive writing style. I wish my handwriting were as chic!

    1. Well, we can thank the French school system for my handwriting...