Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

According to the calendar (and to the internet), today is the first official day of spring! Fiiinallllyyyyyy!!!!
I was worried with the icy rain we got last night, and the gloomy (but warmer) morning earlier today. On my much needed walk to the coffee shop for a much needed chocolate croissant, the air was warm enough for the ice on the sidewalk to turn to slippery slush! Not bad! And the sun and blue skies decided to make an appearance around lunch time, and I'm wearing a springy pink sweater, sooooo I think we made it! (please, Mother Nature, no more snowstorms!!)

I had to settle for a regular croissant (they were unfortunately out of the chocolate variety), but maybe next time! The day really just goes better when you start off with a chocolate croissant.

In honor of our first Spring day, I spent the morning clipping things from magazines and brainstorming about my next art project, which as you may guess is flower and plant-based.

Here is my Happy Spring collage!

It is a sneak peak of a series I'd like to do (probably in later spring and summer), with painting and drawing and paper and beads and who-knows-what-else. 

It's coming!


  1. Love the collage Liz! Yes, this day does smell like spring... and hope for better weather.

    1. Thanks, Olgie! I sure hope the real thing is coming soon...