Friday, March 28, 2014

New Cards and an Art Show!

The FedEx man surprised me with a delivery of my new cards and bookmarks yesterday! Isn't it amazing that you can finagle (is that how you spell that?) up something on your computer, upload it to a website, and have cards printed and delivered to your door?

Like magic!

I panicked the week before last at the thought of not having any cards on hand to give out at my painting and illustration show next Friday at the African American Cultural Center. And it's always fun to have new stuff to give out for Spring!

I am slowly getting ready for the show- today was typing up labels and matting a few illustrations from some of my books.

Now that I've got most of the logistics ironed out, I can hopefully have the weekend to paint, paint, paint! - I've got about two weeks before final illustrations for one of my future books are due. I might even get them done on time!

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