Thursday, April 17, 2014

TV and Final Art!

This morning, I had my first on-camera interview for a segment called "Today's Women" with Elaine Houston on my local news station, WNYT Channel 13. I was so very nervous and jittery while looking out the window, awaiting the arrival of the news anchor and cameraman! Good thing I did NOT have my usual latte with breakfast! They came, they filmed me working and answering questions... and it is set to air one week from today on the 5:30 pm news. Geez, I hope I didn't ramble too much in the interview...

After they left, I checked my email and saw that the final illustrations I sent for One Plastic Bag have arrived safely to the publishers, and that they are a hit! (Thank you, universe, thank you FedEx).
Phew, am I relieved!

Time to relax a bit and then get back to work.. more is brewing... and I need to finish my Spring cleaning.

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